Welcome to Thursday To Thrash Plastic mission page. Through #ThursdayToThrasPlastic mission Anu will reach out Schools, Offices to spread awareness on the harm Plastic brings us. This page brings you the latest updates on progress on the Mission

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Latest Awareness Campaign

Anu’s Recent campaign was at Embassy Public School , her home ground. The School and it’s management has shown great interest and enthusiasm in the social cause that Anu has picked up. They have also extended support in terms of Resource and Reach.

Anu’s Campaign Speech at Embassy Public School

Anu with the support of her school has accelarated her campaign against Plastic. This campaign will go on to the neighboorhood schools and office where she will outline the harm single use plastic does. #ThursdayToThrashPlastic.

Posted by Anu Kamal on Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Pictures from the campaign event