About Mission #ThursdayToThrashPlastic

My Goal is to convince people to give up using “Single Use Plastic “. They are everywhere, anywhere, easily available, less expensive but they pose serious threat as a first step i want to convince 1,00,000 people to stop using  them. Help me by signing  up to give up plastic bags and Please share it with at least one of your Friend 

— Anu, Founder “Mission – No Plastic”

Is Plastic a that big threat ?

Plastics have become the biggest silent threat. Plastics have become deeply rooted in our society, occupying every nook and corner of earth right from Land to the mighty oceans. Behold today they are landing in our plates in Food… Spare a few minute of yours to understand about this dangerous problem. Also extend your support to our Mission to make people aware of this problem.

What is #ThursdayToThrasPlastic ?

Through #ThursdayToThrasPlastic mission Anu will reach out Schools, Offices to spread awareness on the harm Plastic brings us. If you would like to know more on Mission Plastic Read here

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